Chernobyl Victims

Yana Yevtyeyeva from Slavutich had an eye surgery in August of 2007

We need your help to buy medical equipment for Makeyevka hospital in Donetsk, Ukraine

Urgently! Kids in Odessa need your help

The organization Chernobyl Union of Tokmak - hospital needs help

Interviews with Chernobyl Liquidators 23-29th of March 2005

The purpose of Humanity for Chernobyl organisation is help for Chernobyl catastrophe victims. Here are stories of people that we are trying to help:

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Chernobyl Liquidator Vladimir Filatov

Vladimir Filatov worked at the Chernobyl power plant in August 1986. He worked for 4 hours a day helping to construct the Sarcophagus.

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Chernobyl Liquidator Konstantin Slav

In September 1987 Konstantin Slav was called upon to perform special military duties at the Chernobyl reactor. His battalion was responsible for preparing the “burial grounds” for the radioactive waste to be dumped.

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Chernobyl Liquidator Alexander Antymonjuk

In 1987 Alexander Antymonjuk was called up to work at the Chernobyl power plant. 66 days of shift-work at the plant followed. Merely 2 months of service which was to ruin his health for the rest of his life.

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Chernobyl Evacuation Assistant Vitaliy Ivanov

Vitaliy Ivanov was sent to Chernobyl the day after the reactor exploded. His duties including help organise a safe and orderly evacuation of the areas surrounding the reactor.

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Chernobyl Victims in Hospital

In the Chernobyl wing of one of the main hospitals in Makeyevka of Donetsk region where Chernobyl victims undergo treatment we met Shadko Alexander, the principal of the hospital. He explains how lack of equipment compromises their ability to effectively treat Chernobyl victims.

We are looking for people and organizations willing to offer financial and support for Chernobyl victims.
Chernobyl victims suffer physically but also psychologically and warm words of support are just as important as financial assistance.
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