Letter from the President of Humanity for Chernobyl

Hello, my name is Svetlana Ostrovskaya and I live in Naperville, Illinois, USA.

I came from the Ukraine to the United States about 8 years ago and I love my new country very much. It gave me the opportunity to support my family and have everything that I need. I decided to help those people who do not have the fortune to live in such beautiful country, where every person has a chance do his best in life.

I want to help the victims of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster that live in the city Donetsk in the Ukraine. The general facts about the Chernobyl accident are: On April 26, 1986 the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant performed a routine 20-second shut down of the system that seemed to be just another test of the electrical equipment. Seven seconds later, a surge created a chemical explosion that released dangerous radionuclides into the atmosphere. The force of the explosion spread contamination over large parts of the old Soviet Union, now the territories of Belarus, Ukraine and Russia. According to official reports, thirty-one people died immediately and 600,000 “liquidators”, involved in fire fighting and clean-up operations, were exposed to dangerously high doses of radiation. Based on the official reports, near 8,400,000 people in Belarus, Ukraine and Russia were exposed to the resulting radiation.

I want to help Chernobyl “liquidators” that live in my native city Donetsk, Ukraine. Recently I organized a nonprofit organization with the help of a few other people who care about helping the Chernobyl victims. These initial organizers became the directors of our organization which we called ‘Humanity for Chernobyl’. The names of directors are Evgueni Zoudilov (CA, USA), Amanda Slavik (IL, USA) and Alexandr Levintov(CA, USA) and I want to thank them very much for supporting me in such important moment of my life as deciding to create this organization. Also I want to thank Natalya Makiyevskaya(Donetsk, Ukraine) for all her support and encouragement to make this decision.

We would like very much to ask about giving donations, even small donations from each of you will be helpful, at least it will make our organization to establish the funding to support those affected.

We are looking forward to providing the necessary medical treatment of these people and we will give you detailed report accounting for every dollar spent on the needs of Chernobyl victims. We are working on the exact strategy of helping Chernobyl victims and will appreciate your help in making these important decisions.

Thank you.

Svetlana Ostrovskaya, The President of “Humanity for Chernobyl”.

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